Q: - Is it weird that I don't know what she's been in? I know she's a very famous actress. とはどういう意味ですか?

Is it weird I don’t know what movies she was in? I should know because she is a very famous actress.

The above is like the expanded form of the question sentences.

Basically the question sentences are asking is it strange for a person to recognize a famous actress but not remember what movies or tv shows the actress played a role on.
Q: I think you assemble Korean actress とはどういう意味ですか?
A: thank you very much^^
Q: The English actress was spotted kissing him とはどういう意味ですか?
A: It means that the English actress was seen kissing him
Q: "actress"? とはどういう意味ですか?
Q: The actress is a phenomena とはどういう意味ですか?
A: @leolin0819: phenomena means mystery, this phrase in English doesn't literally mean a mystery ,but it means she's so talented that her talent is a mystery.


Q: What does “A-list” actress mean? を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: A-list actress (or Actor) means that the woman is an actress who appears in major movies and is sought after in the movie industry. Some examples:
Angelina Jollie is an A-list actress. Jenifer Lawrence is an A-list actress.


Q: The many actresses in the movie と The many of actresses in the movie はどう違いますか?
A: “The many actresses in the movie” sounds natural and “the many of actresses in the movie” is not natural sounding
Q: She was an actress. と She used to be an actress. と She had been an actress. はどう違いますか?
A: Sentence number 1:
This would be used when you are talking about the lady’s past career. For example: ‘She was an actress when she was younger.’

Sentence number 2:
This would be used to emphasise that the lady is no longer an actress, or if you are discussing her career after acting. For example: ‘She used to be an actress but now she is an accountant.’

Sentence number 3:
This would be used more rarely. You would use it if the lady was an actress a very long time ago before doing other things. You would also use this to talk about the time when she stopped acting. For example: ‘She had been an actress for thirty years before she decided to change her career.’
Q: She had hoped to become an actress as an adult と She had hoped to become an adult as an actress はどう違いますか?
A: Thank you!
Q: actress と actor はどう違いますか?
A: An "actor" is a man or a woman.
An "actress" is a woman.


Q: Did she was a actress ? は 英語 (イギリス) で何と言いますか?
A: Was she an actress?
Q: I have been watching this actress since I was young and I love to know her news は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: QAの全文をご確認ください
Q: who is the top actress in America? は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: Who is the highest paid actress in America?

Who is the best American actress?

Which American actress has won the most awards?

Who is the best looking American actress?
Q: actress は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: @Lxk4xk4: you're right. "Actress" is for one girl, "actresses" is for two girls or more. "Actor" is for one boy and "actors" is for two boys or more. "Actors" can also be used for a group of girls and boys.


Q: I don' like the actress because her acting is over expressive and cheesy. Just watching her movies makes me feel embarassed. この表現は自然ですか?
A: "I don't like the actress because her acting is overly expressive and cheesy. Just watching her makes me feel embarassed."
Q: Japanese actress produced the udon restaurant and thy located in Roppongi, Haneda airport and more. It tastes really good and each plate is extremely huge. I’m sure you are going to be surprised. この表現は自然ですか?
A: ​‎A Japanese actress produced a udon restaurant and it is located in Roppongi, Haneda Airport and other locations. It tastes really good and each plate is extremely huge. I’m sure you are going to be surprised.
Q: I think she's a good actress. I don't know why her movies always end up in a flop. この表現は自然ですか?
A: " . . . always end up as flops."
Q: "A Korean actress appeared on American drama Lost"
Do I use correct verb above that sentence?
Isn't it awkard?
'appear on' is more naturall expression for stage not tv show? この表現は自然ですか?
A: I think it sounds fine! Just make sure you say “the American drama.” 😊 Or you could say “A Korean actress was on the American drama lost.” More people would say that.

Hope this helps!
Q: I thought it would be great if my favorite actresses and actors would gathered in same movie but since it happened a movie that I watched, I was like 'oh please stop it that's too much' in too happy この表現は自然ですか?
A: I thought it would be great if my favourite actresses and actors would gather in the same movie, but since it already happened in a movie that I watched, I was like 'oh please stop it this too much I'm too happy'.

Sounds a little bit more natural