Q: What does Brendan say about parts "???" ?

Brendan: Well, I hope I see you again.
Molly: Me too. When I see you again. Which I hope I do. Like you mentioned. You get it.
Brendan: Can I get your phone number?
Molly: Oh, yeah. Should I keep this?
Brendan: Put your number in.
Molly: Joking. I can do that. Also, oh, my God, this.
Brendan: Whoa. I never kissed anyone before.
Molly: Me neither.
Brendan: My lips feel funny.
Molly: Mine too.
Brendan: Actually, my whole face feels funny.
Molly: Oh, wow. Were your lips always getting more and more swollen?
Brendan: What kind of ice cream did you eat?
Molly: Peanut butter parfait. Why?
Brendan: I'm allergic to peanuts!
Molly: Oh, no. Oh, no! Oh, no!
Brendan: ??? ??? ...
What do I do? Oh, here, let me help. Let me help you.
Brendan: ??? ??? ??? ...
Brendan: ??? ??? ??? ...
Cole: Hey.
A: I can't understand it either. Presumably he can't talk correctly because his lips are swollen.
The only part I caught was 'Please don't! Give me my epipen!'