Q: Consumerism と Consuption はどう違いますか?
A: consumption = consommation

Consumerism is an ideal or a movement. It is the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable.


Q: Consumerism not only deceives people but also has really strong consequences on Nature. We consume more than we need, so the natural resources are running out soon. The solution? Well most of us already know what we should or shouldnt do, but we are still indiferent with what will happen with blife on Earth, or how life will be for the next generations. We always think , "one person cant change the situation from our planet", so we excuse ourselves from those worries and duties. With small gestures everyday, like recycling, reusing, reducing, catching public transports, save water and energy we can actually help protecting and saving our planet.
It is also important to sensitize the big international companies, by making protests and not buying their products while they insist on keeping their old policies. この表現は自然ですか?
A: ​​Consumerism not only deceives individuals, but also has a strong negative impact on Nature.

We consume far more than we need, so natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce. The solution? Well, most of us already know what changes should be made. the problem is that we are still indifferent to what the consequences will mean to life on Earth, and how the future generations will be affected.

We always think , "one person cannot solve the state of our planet", and wash our hands from those worries and duties. Small everyday gestures like recycling, reusing, reducing, using public transportation, save water and energy we can make a great difference in protecting and saving our planet.
It is also important to highlight the responsibility international corporations, through protests and using the consumer power power to support the companies that care about the environment.

Through loss of profit, other companies will be pressured to changing their policies. Together we can work towards a better future. Boa sorte!