Q: とはどういう意味ですか?
A: It means that even though there are protests happening regarding pizza company promotions and the National Football League, Pizza Hut is still making a profit. They are not financially affected by the protest.
Q: とはどういう意味ですか?
A: The man in brown is a mail carrier for UPS. So they are saying they don't mind that their package or mail will be late because they understand how awesome it is to take pictures with those dogs. It's worth it, more or less.
Q: " "I like this video but I can't understand at all .Please write the script for me :) とはどういう意味ですか?
A: QAの全文をご確認ください
Q: what does mock on the floor mean around 1 28 ? とはどういう意味ですか?
A: It was 'let him walk on the floor'
Q: とはどういう意味ですか?
A: 1: "Beth" is her name.
2. "Hi" is a greeting like "Hello" "Hey" and so on.
3. "You look so good" in this context the other woman is telling her that she looks fit and healthy.
4. "I'm never going back to that again." She is saying she will never be that weight again.

Overall, the commercial is saying that if you eat Cheerios you will be skinny and your friends will be proud of you. You can donate your clothes to people who haven't eaten Cheerios yet. :)


What is she saying here?
"????? to open this door" を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: "You just gotta, we're just gonna get these shards and open this door."
what does he say????? を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: Oh, my God, this is way worse than I thought it was going to be.

Dios mío, esto es mucho peor de lo que pensé que iba a ser.
what does he says?this is worse...
.thougt...gonna be?¿?¿?¿ を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: Oooohh my god this is way worst then I thought it was gonna be
Q: を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: I have reported you for spam

Q: Please kindly listen for me What did he say at 01.57-01.59 in this video. を使った例文を教えて下さい。


Q: Phone Holder Armband? と Phone Armband? はどう違いますか?
A: You posted the same link twice. The first and second photo appear to be exactly the same due to both links being exact.
Q: と はどう違いますか?
A: Many of the links on don't work and I can't find it by looking up the bank name. All the official SVB social media accounts link to, and you can access their terms of service and privacy policy easily. looks like the official one. I'm not sure what the first one is.


Q: は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: enough, uh, this ends now
Q: は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: They beat twelve hundred players all on their own!?
Q: what does he say? は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: If you were a baseball I'd be a bat.

It's a rude comment, but may be funny? I find it childish, and unfunny, but it can be funny if you're 12...
Q: what does she say from 2 20 〜 2 39? i'm so bad to get it は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: Excuse me, my name is Caitlyn and I ain't playin'. Your boy won't be back even though you say he's taken.

Excuse me, my name is Abby, and I'm always crabby, because your fuckboy texts me like, "Hey let's do the nasty!"

Excuse me, my name is Jazzy and I ain't trashy, got your boy's number, you know why he add me.

Excuse me, my name is Kayla, you know I slay ya. Your boy won't be back 'cause he likes my flava (flavor).
Q: http:// は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: yes. Also, many people just say "slash slash" for "//".

But we usually just say "W W W dot" (www.) or "website dot com" since http:// is common on most sites.
If it is secure https://, it is common to say "H T T P S" to make sure they know.


Q: The prosperous steered clear of hospitals.

What is the meaning of "prosperous"?
Is "prosperous" noun?
I looked up it in the dictionary, not finding "noun" of prosperous.
It has only adjective meaning.
A: In English, adjectives can be used with "the" in order to refer to things described by that adjective. You're right in saying that it's an adjective, but here it means something like "The [people who were] prosperous steered clear of hospitals".
at the position of 47sec , the girls says "we dont understand the hype", what does hype mean in this context?
A: 宣传,炒作
Who translated it from French to English ?
It doesn’t give any credit or mention of who translated this article.

Which one is real?
Do you know Carry Pamyupamyu?
A: Is that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu?

At around2:50 “somebody on foot...”, is it an idiom? Does that mean somebody was walking on the runway? The Japanese subtitle says somebody at the foot of their airplane. Which is correct?
A: "They spotted somebody on foot on the runway out there."

"On foot" means that someone was walking (or running) on their own feet, (which is a weird phrase that means they are walking instead of driving or biking or riding, etc). It was said this way, because normally no people would be out on the runway, except when they are inside of a plane. So people are often riding on a plane while on the runway, but almost no one walks around out there. But this time, someone was walking on foot, out on the runway, which is strange and dangerous. So the plane was being told to "hold position" or to stay in place and wait for a few minutes, until they could make sure it was safe (to make sure no person was standing in the way, so that no accidents can happen).