Q: He balked in the sweltering July heat とはどういう意味ですか?
A: Thank you anyway thank you in advance
Q: long Fourth of July weekend とはどういう意味ですか?
A: Thank you so much!
Q: "I'Il be 18 next July" ? とはどういう意味ですか?
A: elle va avoir 18 ans la juillet prochain ;)
Q: He escaped from there in July through a tunnel dug in the showers. とはどういう意味ですか?
A: like in a bathroom or shower room, the person dug a hole from there in order to escape.


Q: July を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: July is just a month... it’s not really and expression.

1. Next month we will be in July.
2. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.


Q: during 22nd to 24th of July と during 22nd and 24th of July と between 22nd and 24th July はどう違いますか?
A: during 22nd to 24th means that the event is in 22 23 and 24th of July. during 22nd and 24th means that’s the event is only on those dates. and between is the 23 because it’s in the middle of the 22nd and the 24th
Q: July 2nd falls on the midpoint of the year. と Today, July 2nd, falls on the middle of the year. はどう違いますか?
A: They are both the same except that the second one is more detailed. This is because the second one tells me that today is July 2 when the first one does not
Q: on July 4th と on 4th of the July はどう違いますか?
A: means the same thing the second one just sounds more formal I guess
Q: I'll do it on July 4th と I'll do it on July 4 はどう違いますか?
A: The first one is grammatically correct. When speaking about the date of something, you use the ordinal number.
The ordinal number is fourth vs four, first vs one, and third vs three!
Q: throughout July と During July はどう違いますか?
A: Throughout means it can happen multiple times. During is used for 1 period of time


Q: “Happy 4th of July!” の返事はなんて言うの? は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: What should you reply to “Happy 4th of July”?

“Happy 4th of July”が自然な返事
Q: I will not come on July 4 because that day I am attending in a party..... this sentence is correct or not....plz tell me は 英語 (イギリス) で何と言いますか?

kehne ka matlab hai

here you go
ye loo.

you didn't have to do that.
iss ki kya jarurat thi
Q: on the 15th of July or on July 15th は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: You can say 15th of July but it's better to use on July 5th because it's simpler.
Q: 31 July ko mare bade Papa ki retirement hai app sab ko Anna hai は 英語 (イギリス) で何と言いますか?
A: QAの全文をご確認ください
Q: I would like to remind you about on 6 July and 7 July schedule は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: I would like to remind you about your schedule on July 6th and 7th*


Q: The Fourth of July is the United States' celebration of its independence from England. この表現は自然ですか?
Q: July is coming, so we should ready the summer comes. この表現は自然ですか?
A: You can say
We should be ready for summer in July or
Summer will be coming in July so we should be ready or
It is going to be July soon, we should get ready for summer.
There is no need to use come twice for at all and you should use the in front of summer. Hope this helps
Q: It's coming July and a cicada begins making sounds. Time flies so quickly, doesn't it? Despite swimming pool is going to open soon, It's a chilly day today. I really like days like these because it gives me comfortable. The wind feels nice... I got some my jobs done. この表現は自然ですか?
A: @kazunobu: I understand mostly. 👍 Here are a few corrections. "It's almost July and the cicadas have started making sounds. Time goes so quickly, doesn't it? The swimming pool is going to open soon despite it being a chilly day today. I really like days like this because I feel so comfortable. The wind feels nice... I got some of my jobs done."
Q: Would you like to meet in July 9th?
If you like. この表現は自然ですか?
A: What about: If you would like, we could meet on July 9th.
Or: Would you like to meet on July 9th?
Or: We could meet on July 9th, if you'd like.
Could has to be in place of would if you want to add the phrase 'if you would like'
Otherwise, on instead of in July is the only issue.
Q: I have seen "fourth of July" a few times in some songs lyrics. Does it have a special meaning?
A: The holiday is called Independence Day, and it is celebrated every year on July 4 for the reason mike gave. It's a big celebration.