Q: tittle と a little bit はどう違いますか?
A: I've never heard 'tittle'!

I would only use 'a little bit'

I'm a native English speaker but maybe it is new slang I'm not familiar with.
Q: tittle tattle と gossip はどう違いますか?
A: your would say im going to "tattle" on you or "tell" on you if your were being childish. You would say that you are hearing "gossip" which is more mature. both are different though


Q: I put a tittle of my post without thinking deeply. この表現は自然ですか?
A: I've put the tittle of my post without thinking carefully/ thoroughly
Q: correct me please!!

when I was tittle I loved hanging out. Everyday we would play soccer, dodgeball or baseball. Sometime also we would tell stories about what happened us at school. Also we would jump too much the hill. My dad wouldn't let us being on the street until late we would want being all time outside because we had fun a lot.
I would like to feel this way again as someone hasn't a lot of concerns.

Cuando era pequeña me encantaba salir a la calle . Todos los días jugábamos futbol, matado o baseball. A veces también contábamos historias acerca de lo que nos pasaba en la escuela. También saltábamos bastante la cuerda. Mi papá no nos dejaba estar en la calle hasta tarde pero nosotros queríamos estar todo el tiempo afuera porque nos divertíamos mucho. Me gustaría volver a sentirme así como alguien que no tiene tantas preocupaciones.
A: When I was little I loved hanging out with my friends. Every day my friends and I would play soccer, dodgeball or baseball. We would sometimes tell each other stories about what happen at school that day. (I don't know what you mean for this sentence) We would want to play outside all day but my dad would make us come in when it got too late. I want to feel as carefree as I was when I was young.
Q: The tittle song of Beyoncé, If I were a boy
Why we should use were on this condition not was?
A: it's called the "subjunctive" but many English speakers use it wrong anyway. Many people would say "If I was a boy." The "were" implies that the statement is not a reality....only a thought/imagination.
Q: I have written essay. which on is more natural at tittle ? 1. Leading game of energy business 2. How we lead energy business この表現は自然ですか?
A: @SooLee: Number 2 sounds more natural but you can put "How People Lead an Energy Business"