Q: Tucuman is located in the middle of Argentina. The wather is always windy. In summer it is boiling and raining with temperatures going from 25 to 35 degrees and floods are very common in this country side. In winter it is dry and cold and it never snow in the city.
It is one of the most important cities of the country because its architecture, art and history, you can visit place like "La manzana jesuitica" an historical complex which from 17th century. there are also art museums like Calafate museo and Ferreyra Palace.
The bigest shopping in the city are Portal Tucumán and Shopping Solar del Cerro, Ideal if you want to visit a crowded place and buy some souveniers. Otherwise you can go to "Peñas", representative events where people dance traditional dancings sing and have typical drinks and foods. Nightlife in Tucuman is exciting, you can go to neighbourdhoods in the center of in the center of the city like el Centro or Guemes where there are a great number of nightclubs and pubs.
Tourist will never get bored in Tucuman because the city offerts a lots of different activities to do, it is pletly of places to relax and to go sightseeing, and there is always something new to discovere about the city.All in all tucuman is the perfect place to go on holiday vacation. この表現は自然ですか?
A: -The weather
-In the summer, it is boiling hot and rainy with temperatures fluctuating from 25 to 35 degrees, and flooding is very common in the countryside.
-In the winter, it is dry and cold, and it never snows in the city.
-It is one of the most important cities in the country because of its architecture, its art, and its history. You can visit places like...(comma after jesuitica)..which is from the 17th century.
-The biggest (What do you mean by shopping? shopping malls?)
-Put a period after Cerro...Ideal for if you... (crowded has a slightly negative connotation)
-comma after Otherwise
-Should Peñas be capitalized? I think it should be: "peñas," which are representative...dances, sing, and have...
-neighborhoods (it is spelled with a u in British English U believe) in the center of (once:)
-Turists...offers a lot of
-There are plenty...and go sightseeing
-All in all, Tucuman...
-This is very fluent sounding and well written, great job! If you have any questions, just ask. And if I wrote anything wrong anybody, let me know