Q: Hello, good to see you. I’m Yudai Kita. Call me Yudai. I’m from Sanda, which is parched on Kobe. Sanda is a little rural. It is famous for the Kobe Sanda premium outlet. I’m 19. My birthday is May 7th. I’m a student at Kobe University and a freshman. I belong to the faculty of Engineering and the Department of Chemical Science and Engineering. The reasons that I entered this college are to be near to my house and low school expenses. My hobby is to watch soccer games. Also, I like playing soccer. I have played soccer since I was an elementary student. So, I want to make more friends who play soccer with me. I have an older brother. He is 3 years older than I. He is a student of Kaseigakuin University. I used to be on good terms with him, but now I am not friendly with him. I am a kind person. I become eager to help people in need when I find them. Moreover, I’m earnest. I always attend a class on time and pay attention in class. Thank you for listening.

Are these sentences natural?
A: Yes☺️ I would only make some minor changes that are optional;
- "near" to "closer"
- "older than I" to "older than me" OR "older than I am"